Sustainability Policy

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We strive to produce quality jewelry from recycled materials for a better planet.

Our approach to business is guided by commitments to the following principles:

Leadership, Inclusivity, Transparency, Integrity, Stewardship and Continuous Improvement.

Our Commitment & Scope

This policy will apply to all aspects of our organization except where advised earlier in advance. 

We acknowledge we have limited influence over third parties who we may engage in business with but we will strive to meet our obligations and commitments in this policy.

The objectives of this policy will be reviewed during structured management reviews at least once every six months to ensure their continuing suitability.

Our business faces many challenges and opportunities. Due to this we have prioritized the following issues that are key parts of our Sustainability Policy: Environment, Health and Safety and Quality.


The procedures described within this policy constitute the general management direction and control of The Imperfect Ltd against those environmental aspects (energy and water consumption, waste management, evaluation of subcontractors and raw materials) which can be controlled and over which it can be expected to have an influence.


  • We are committed to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment by means of a programme of pollution prevention.

  • We are committed to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with other requirements to which The Imperfect Ltd subscribes.

  • We are committed to protect the environment through continual improvement of our environmental performance. All our businesses consider the effects that our activities have on the environment.

  • We conform to ISO 14001:2015


  • To understand the environmental issues associated with our activities.

  • To minimize the amount of waste we dispose of, seek to recover through re-use or recycling as much as it is economically practicable and ensure that the remainder is disposed of properly.

  • To minimize the use of energy and water through monitoring and increasing the efficiency of use and purchase environmental sound products wherever possible, while upholding the highest standards of quality for our accessories.

  • To ensure that all our team members are aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with the policy.

  • To set and review environmental objectives and targets and to implement an action plan addressing waste reduction, energy, and resource conservation and raw materials and products environmental evaluation.

  • To communicate to our team, clients, and suppliers our policy and our goals in improving our environmental performance.

  • To incorporate environmental management into everyday business practice.

Health and Safety


The management of The Imperfect Ltd is committed to; -

  • Prevention of injury and ill health of anyone at the premises of the company.

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislations.

  • Provide all the necessary resources in order to have the best implementation of this policy.


  • To minimize the accidents at the work place and improve the state of the premises and the methods of work.

  • To continually identify, assess and check the health and safety risks and to implement the relevant preventive measures.

  • To set and review health objectives and to implement an action plan for their evaluation.

  • The provision and maintenance of a suitable, safe working environment for all team members.

  • Making available information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety of all team members.

  • To undertake risk assessments to all our activities with a frequency relevant to their harm.


The Imperfect Ltd is committed to continually improving its creativity and designs in order to attain the maximum quality level required by our clients. The aim is to design high quality accessories using recycled materials, aimed at satisfying our client requirements and enhance operational performance as well as the development of our team.

The company follows the set-out procedures in our Quality Management System that satisfies the requirements defined by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Standard. This system enhances the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the company and promotes the achievement of the objectives and targets, set out by the company management team.

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