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The Imperfect Ltd

The Imperfect Ltd is a modern jewellery brand for the contemporary woman with a creative
spirit. Beverly, the owner and Creative Director, draws her inspiration from Africa’s rich heritage and colors and infuses it to modern day wearable art.

Our pieces are handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya using polymer clay techniques. Each piece goes through a process of design where the raw clay is hand-cut, coloured, cured and sanded. We adhere to our Sustainability Policy that encompasses; Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality aspects.

Our brand is driven by creativity, responsibility, sustainability and differentiation. We dedicate heart, thought and craftsmanship into creating hand-made, authentic and beautiful pieces that resonate with our community and the Imperfect Woman.

Our designs are bold and unique and have increasingly received a positive reception in the current markets we have traded with. We have developed a strong brand position as well as an extensive presence on social media.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to create job opportunities and additional income outside the company, while keeping important networks of artisans working for the company on full time contracts.

Thank you so much for supporting this small business and we hope that every piece of jewellery that you receive from The Imperfect makes you feel extra beautiful!

Thank You For Your Interest In Our Brand!

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